Bharat Electronics – Post OFS Note

  • 1st Mar 2017, CMP: Rs 1,518
  • Large Cap – Mkt Cap 33,900 crores
  • OFS Retail Cut off Price: Rs 1,557/share plus a 5% discount
  • Advice: Buy now from the secondary market at CMP

jainmatrix investments, bharat electronics

Here is a post Offer for Sale (OFS) note on Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL).

About the OFS Offer

OFS Application dates were from 22-23rd Feb with only the second day for Retail. Govt of India sold 1.11 cr. equity shares – 5.0% of stake in BEL, through the OFS route. This was done to meet FY17 divestment targets. The shareholding was 74.4% which has come down to 69.4% after the OFS. The OFS floor price was Rs 1,498; 20% of OFS offer was reserved for Retail, who also got 5% discount. See detailed OFS report: Bharat Electronics – A Value BUY

jainmatrix investments, bharat electronics

Post OFS applications and allotment

  • The Retail quota got subscribed 3.67 times; overall the issue was subscribed 5.3 times. Due to high demand, the actual allotment price/ cut-off was fixed at Rs. 1,558 for retail. After a 5% discount this translates into a price of Rs. 1,479.
  • Many investors lost out on allotment due to 1) sudden OFS announcement 2) confusion around floor price v/s cut off price 3) High cut off price.
  • The share is trading at Rs. 1,518 which is 2.6% higher than discounted OFS price. See Figure above. BEL stock is also 7% below the all-time high of 1,624 of 30th Jan 2017, and 50% above the 1 year low of 1,009 of 1st Mar 2016, reflecting a sharp price uptick in the recent past.
  • We had also written about a transformation in the public sector – A Repurpose for our PSUs 


  • BEL is still a value stock for investors who may buy the shares from the open market.
  • IPOs, OFS and FFOs focus attention of investors on a particular stock. However far better bargains are available in the listed company/ secondary markets.

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