• JainMatrix Investments provides premium services for investments in Indian equity. Investing in equity can be a very profitable exercise. At the same time, there are many risks.
  • JainMatrix Investments is today one of India’s best Equity Investment Services in terms of quality of research, track record and reasonable fees. See details of Track Record.
Punit Jain, JainMatrix Investments

Punit Jain

  • Punit Jain is the Founder of JainMatrix Investments.
  • His rich work experience includes Management Consulting, Software Services Marketing, FMCG Sales and manufacturing on a Shop floor. He worked for 19 years in firms like TCS, Sonata Software, Godrej & Boyce and Balsara Hygiene Products, before starting JainMatrix Investments.
  • Punit Jain is a registered and certified Research Analyst (SEBI Registration No. INH200002747).
  • His educational qualifications are BTech (NIT Calicut) and MBA (MMS from SIMSREE, Bombay University). He also has a PG degree in Equity Valuation from ICFAI, and an Equity Sales Certification from NISM-SEBI.
  • He has been an Independent Investor since many years, where this rich and varied experience helps him build a unique and independent perspective, and identify strong sectors, firms and winners early. Investing in Indian equity markets is his passion, and JainMatrix Investments is the platform for him to build the Equity culture among Investors.

“Building wealth is a lifelong process, and as important as your current job or business. I believe that today for an investor in India, equity and stock markets is the best way to go about long term asset building. As an individual investor, I used to have a lot of difficulty finding quality, credible and opinionated equity research reports and portfolios. I hope that JainMatrix Investments will fill this gap for today’s investors”…. Punit Jain

This website has been created to be a resource for the Indian investor. There are over 100 reports and articles here, easily searchable, which track the equity fundamentals, analyse events, comment on sector performance and educate the Investor. To use this resource best, Search for the Company or Sector of your interest from the Search Boxes.

Some of these reports are also available on IndiaNotes, Investing.com and IPO Central.

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6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Prash says:

    You are doing a great job helping small retail investors like me. Your rational explanation provides all the more conviction to invest in the stocks recommonded by you. I am very grateful to you for your guidance and appreciate the valuable service you are providing to the small investor community. Keep up the good work and may God bless you

  2. jaideep kapur says:

    Weldone good reading of the IPOs . There is a pulse in our markets which very often defies some fundamentals too !?

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