The Investment Service Approach

The JainMatrix – Investment Service approach:

  • We are positive long term on the Indian economy. We believe that the period of 2015-30 will see Indian Industry and Services grow in global market share, revenues and profits as the per capita income rises
  • This will reflect in the stock markets as more and more firms raise funds for growth and open shareholding to public.
  • Concentrated high-quality well monitored investment portfolios outperform indices.
  • There are about 100 stocks in our investment universe. These are firms we have researched over the last 4-5 years. From this universe, we carefully pick the best for our model portfolios.

Large Cap Model Portfolio

  • The objective of the LCMP is to outperform the Sensex and Nifty by 5-10%.
  • It consists of 6-8 large cap shares which are the current or future leaders from attractive sectors of the Indian economy.

Mid and Small Cap Model Portfolio

  • The objective of the MSCMP is to outperform the Mid and Small Cap indices by large margins.
  • It consists of 6-8 mid and small cap firms that are emerging out-performers from identified 3-5 sectors.

Other Research Reports

  • We look for new investment opportunities and share the reports.
  • We periodically review the ideas, and refresh the older reports.
  • New trends, IPO/ FPO opportunities, etc are mapped in articles.
  • Reports are shared with the subscriber through emails and website alerts. The recommended investment/ share purchase process is in the LINK.
  • Some valuable reports are sent securely to subscribers by email, while others are published on this website for public access.


  • These reports help make equity investing safer and simpler for investors.
  • The Model Portfolios of the Investment Service have outperformed the benchmark indices over the last 5 years.
  • See Track Record.

JainMatrix Investment Service is available for an annual Subscription. Click link for details.

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