Is this Investment Service for You?

Why should you Subscribe to JainMatrix Investments?

  1. The Investor comes first. As an independent research firm, JainMatrix Investments is sharply focused on direct, honest and brave reports that benefit the Investor. It has the Subscriber’s interests at heart, something rare to find today for an Indian Investor.
  2. Performance. In the last two years, the Model Portfolios have performed excellently. They have outperformed the benchmark Indices, and also done very well against comparable equity Mutual Funds. See Track Record.
  3. Get the professional inputs: Buy and sell on your own but get the professional guidance that will help your equity investments perform. For example the Large Cap Model Portfolio is designed to withstand occasional sector specific shocks, and still give a market beating performance. Subscribers are enabled to make profitable investment decisions and protect as well as build their personal wealth.
  4. Mid and Small Cap Research: The mid and small cap stocks are big wealth creators, as the less known entrepreneurs execute on their plans and go from strength to strength. JainMatrix Investments uncovers and discovers such firms.
  5. Concentrated Model Portfolios: Investing becomes easy when investors are provided the two Model portfolios. These well researched high conviction stock picks help concentrate the Subscriber holdings.
  6. Experience. The research draws upon many years of Industry and Investing experience. See Details – LINK.

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Who should Subscribe to JainMatrix Investment?

Long Term Investors

  • The articles, reports and analyses are independent and actionable.
  • The detailed research reports identify good investment ideas, and suggest to investors the purchase process.
  • Subscribers can raise queries related to the articles or equities researched.
  • Investors can lower the buying and holding cost of equity assets.

Family Offices

  • The Family Office needs to balance conservation and growth of the family assets, and invest in a caliberated fashion so as to not take on too much risk.
  • JainMatrix Investments’ approach is that thorough research gives high confidence in stock calls and reduces the risk of equity investments. Thus the JainMatrix Investments subscription is a great input for the Family Office investment decisions.

Short and Medium Term Traders

  • Traders need to have a pulse on the fundamental trends and events, before entering into trades.
  • Traders can get investment ideas and inputs on fundamentals, and can incorporate this into their trading plans.
  • Occasionally Short Term ideas and opportunities based on fundamentals will be shared.

Brokers, Wealth and Portfolio Managers

  • JainMatrix Investments provides high quality fundamental research and updates. These investment ideas can be used by Wealth professional in their recommendations to clients.
  • Portfolio Managers can access this research to enter or exit positions.
  • Brokers can provide quality equity research to their Demat and Trading account holders.
  • Investment professionals can get special pricing for access to JainMatrix Investment services.

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