Launch of the JainMatrix Satellite Model Portfolio – A ValuePack

Dear Readers,

We are glad to announce we cross 5 years since we started our Investment Service.
On this occasion, we are proud to launch a new service – The Satellite Model Portfolio.

JainMatrix Investments has had super success with the LC and MSC Model Portfolios over the last 5 years. Our experience of researching over 100 firms in the last 3 years has thrown up a number of exciting stock finds.
Given the recent environment changes, we re-evaluated these firms (outside of LC and MSC) and picked the best opportunity 7 firms in terms of projected stock performance to create the Satellite Model Portfolio.

This has the following characteristics:

  1. It has 7 High Quality Investment Ideas with a 2 to 2.5 year Investment Horizon.
  2. This is an independent, Multi-Cap Portfolio with firms from different sectors.
  3. This Opportunistic portfolio is chosen on the basis of deep fundamental research and High Conviction by the JainMatrix Research Analyst.

As Subscribers, you will receive the list of 7 stocks with 2.5 years Target prices and introduction notes outlining them and providing the key reasons why we like them. We will also monitor and maintain this Portfolio and guide you on your Investment in it.

In addition Subscribers will receive

  • Exclusive access to high quality investment reports, including
    1. Market Trends and event notes
    2. IPO/ FPO/ OFS/ NFO reports based on opportunities.
    3. Periodic updates on the Satellite Model Portfolio with any change in stocks if required.
  • The subscription will be initiated with a welcome call for introductions and Service detailing.
  • Email and WhatsApp based queries can be addressed to JainMatrix Investments on the recommended stocks, portfolios and Investment Decisions
  • The Satellite Model Portfolio Service is a ValuePack subscription for 1 year
  • Pricing can be checked on Pricing and Payment Options page.
  • Its an independent ValuePack offering for new investors. For bigger investors it can be the satellite portfolio with innovative new ideas.

Take advantage of the Fall of the markets of Feb-Mar 2018 and invest in this high potential Satellite Model Portfolio. 

JainMatrix Investments is a boutique Investment Advisory firm for Indian stock markets. Our original equity research identifies investment target firms with high conviction, and the easy to read reports make investing simple. The research process is thorough, and the opinions independent, honest and direct. And sharply focused on investment returns and wealth building for the long term. Our subscribers trust us to provide stock entry and exit calls, tracking, guidance and personal support.
We have provided excellent advisory services for over 5 years; Our Investment Service (Core Portfolio) has fetched outstanding results over this period. (See Track Record).

Here’s to your Happy and profitable investing.

Punit Jain 
JainMatrix InvestmentsBangalore


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