The Post Elections Investment Note


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Post Elections Investment Note

  • The General Elections of 2014 are done and dusted. A resounding majority victory for BJP brings Narendra Modi (NM) into power as PM, to be sworn in the next few days.
  • From a stock market point of view, this is a best case scenario playing out. The majority aspect should ensure stability of the party in power, as opposed to coalition politics. The BJP coming into power should mean that business, industry and enterprise get a boost.
  • If anything, we can look at some of the progress in Gujarat over the last decade, the period NM was Chief Minister, and hope that he can deliver some of these on a larger India canvas.
  • So far we have only seen a perception change in the eye of the investor. The PM and ministers have to be sworn in, some months will go in settling in and defining the priorities. It will take months to see ground realities changing in terms of ministry actions, laws, legislation, and real improvements in economy, government efficiency, business climate improvements and tangible gains.
  • But certainly one recent change has been the flow of FII/ NRI funds into India, strengthening the INR which is at Rs 58.5/USD, from 61 about a month ago, a 4.1% strengthening.
  • However even a perception change can have a large impact on some sectors. Typically the markets try to see the 1 year ahead and try to price this in based on events. In addition, we can expect a few policy and taxation related changes, which can rapidly improve prospects of that sector.
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  • Today as the new government moves into power, we believe that the improvement in infrastructure is going to be a high priority in the new administration. And inevitably, the government will depend on these infra firms to take the load for execution.
  • The sectors we are positive on are infrastructure, capital goods, engineering and jewellery
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One Month of Silence

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SNo Stock Date of Report Market Price (Rs) Price One Month Later (Rs) Increase (%)
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2 DEF May-14 146 158 8.22
3 GHI May-14 125 193 54.40
4 JKL Apr-14 415 444 6.99
5 MNO Apr-14 17.47 20 14.48
6 PQR Dec-13 90 98 8.89
7 STU Feb-14 151 177 17.22
8 VWX Dec-13 1215 1546 27.24
9 YZA Nov-13 306 309 0.98
10 BCD Jan-14 1569 1554 -0.96
11 EFG Jan-14 340 314 -7.65
        Average 13.2

* – in less than 1 month.

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