JainMatrix Investments June 2014 updates


June 6th 2014

Dear Reader,

This is a very exciting period for Indian investors. Normally Time is Money, but the current time is like Gold.

After the election results, the new government has made many very good moves. The bold invitation to the neighbor country leaders was a wonderful way to start conversations. The decision to merge some related ministries to improve decision-making and unify leadership roles is impressive. Less government and more governance is a super goal.

The market has welcomed these moves with approval in the form of big buying and this week the Sensex crossed 25,000 decisively and Nifty the 7,500 mark.

At JainMatrix Investments we are happy to note that our stocks are riding these times very well. Lets recap our recent reports and articles.

  1. The Wonderla IPO recommended as a Buy did exceedingly well. At last count the firm was up 70% from the IPO pricing. The flip side of course was that only a few lucky people got shares on IPO allotment.
  2. Next we reported on Petronet LNG – A Recovery in Kochi. Surprisingly, it is already 11% up in the last month.
  3. In the article “How many mutual funds should I hold?” we encourage investors to buy Direct Equity with the help of an Investment Service like the one we have at JainMatrix Investments, so investors can reduce costs, maximize gains and gain control in the investment process.
  4. This website has been created to be a valuable resource for the investor. There are now over 90 reports and articles here which track the equity fundamentals, analyse events, comment on sector performance and educate the Investor. At JainMatrix, we want to make equity investments easier for each and every visitor of this website. To use this resource best, find the Company or Sector of your interest from the Search Boxes, or use the drop down second row Menus above for guidance.
  5. We presented the Large-Cap Portfolio Investment Note, mapping the economic and investing related events. This recommended portfolio has held up well for Subscribers, tracking closely the major indices.
  6. We updated our Track Record on 20th May, and reported that our universe of 46 stocks appreciated 41.2% annualized, and the top ten by an amazing 125.3%. Surely there is something we are doing right.
  7. The political clarity that came post elections threw up new opportunities, so we presented Subscribers a Post Elections opportunistic buy list. We are confident that these stocks will do well in the 1 year holding period.
  8. And finally today we presented Subscribers with an interesting stock idea from the Oil & Gas space. But we have committed to One Month of Silence, so readers will have to wait to hear more about this.

But if Time is Money for you, it will give us pleasure to add you to our group of Subscribers.

I hope you find these reports useful, rewarding and informative.


Punit Jain
JainMatrix Investments

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