India’s Investment Rockstars

Poll Results on 22nd March

Thank you readers for your enthusiastic participation in this Poll.

The Winner of the Poll on India’s Investment Rockstars is – Madhusudan Kela.

Here is a graphic of the candidates – with one additional name from Reader suggestions.

Investment Rockstars Poll - JainMatrix Investments

India’s Investment Rockstars – Poll Results (Click to enlarge image)

Poll Article on March 7

I recently saw the Hindi movie, Rockstar. Its an interesting story of an unknown, young but talented singer. He dreams big, wants to become like the famous singing heros of the past. He does eventually :-), but the journey is interesting, including pain, penury and a rocky love life along the way.

A singing Rockstar is a somewhat new concept in India. Maybe A R Rehman and Remo Fernandes are two who are almost there. In the US there is a developed musical touring culture, and many budding artistes develop into very successful Rockstars.

What does this have to do with Investing, you may ask. Give me a few more minutes…..

What does a Rockstar do for listeners? He performs on stage, providing spectators an emotional connect and excitement. This effect even lasts after the live performance, on replaying the music.

Actor Rockstars: In India we do have a few Actor Rockstars, with Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif coming to mind.

They play roles on screen that entertain and amuse; they dance, sing and depict characters and actions that we like. If the movie has a strong message, then it can even inspire us, like Gandhi or maybe even a Rang De Basanti.

Do we have any Investment Rockstars in India?

Who is an Investment Rockstar? I would say he is one who is very good at investment, and has made many successful decisions. He should be a visible, high profile, believable expert. Importantly, he has to have shared his investment decisions with the public, so they have gained from his expertise. His advice should help viewers make decisions that guide them in their lifelong wealth building process.

Poll on Investment Rockstars

Please take part in this Poll on who would you rate as Investment Rockstars in India. This list can include foreigners, if they have invested / commented on Indian firms. You can choose upto 10 from this list, and also add some names. In alphabetical order here are 12 candidates (apologies for missing anyone :-)).

This Poll is open till 15/03. Please fill this only once. Check back on this website for results.

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