Turbulent Markets, but JAINMATRIX Model Portfolios Outperform

Dear Investor,                                                                                                                          29th June 2015

The market has been more turbulent in the last 2 months. However, JainMatrix Investments continues to do well on its research portfolio.
JainMatrix Investments is a premium Investment Service for Indian equity. It’s independent, honest and direct. And sharply focused on Investor Returns from its two Model Portfolios.
Here’s our update on the Track Record of the JainMatrix tracked portfolios and shares.

Performance Tracker

See the compilation of performance of the Model portfolios and the entire tracked Stock Universe from JainMatrix Investments.

 * As per Value Research on 29th June 2015.

PERFORMANCE description

The Top Ten stocks from the tracked Stock Universe had annualized returns of 124.1% on 29th June 2015, compared to 132.9% on 07th April 2015. These Top Ten are from a total portfolio of 49 stocks + 1 ETF.
  • The Large Cap Retirement Model Portfolio is ahead of benchmarks, and in top 10% of MFs.
    1. The annualized return was 21.9% for the 7 stocks, bettering the indices of Sensex 17.1% and Nifty 16.5% over 30 months.
    2. The JainMatrix Retirement Large Cap Model Portfolio outperformed by 4.8%. 
    3. The best performing large cap mutual fund over a 3 year period had 23.9% annualized returns, calculated on Value Research website . We are happy to be in the top 10% of the Large Cap equity MFs by performance.
  • TheMulti-bagger Mid & Small Cap Model Portfolio continues its aggressive out-performance of the comparable Indices and equity MFs.
    1. It gave an annualized return of 78.4% for the 7 stocks, better than indices of CNX Midcap, BSE Midcap and S&P BSE Smallcap over 29 months, details in graphic.
    2. The JainMatrix Multi-bagger MSC Model Portfolio outperformed by 53.7%. 
    3. The best performing Mid & Small Cap MF over this period provided 42% annualized returns, per Value Research website.
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  • Also we only include firms in our portfolio 90 days after publishing the report, to avoid errors from short-term price movements.
  • Note that Equity investments are inherently risky. Take help from your ‘Investment Adviser’ before allocating funds for the equity asset class. …

Investment Approach 

  • We research stocks based on their fundamentals including financials, industry prospects, management, etc.
  • We cannot assume that these stocks above will give you similar returns in future. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Some volatile stocks have moved within months from the top to negative returns.
  • Much more important than past share price performance is the stability and quality of the businesses, their management, cash flows, etc. As these will reflect in the future share price.
  • These are captured in the JainMatrix Investments recommended portfolios such as the Large Cap Portfolio 2014, and the Mid Cap Portfolio 2014. These model portfolios align your investments and risk appetite to get appropriate gains.
  • The JainMatrix Investment Advisory Service is available for a subscription fee.
  • JainMatrix Investment is an independent research firm, with business income only from customer subscriptions, not transactions, and with no links to corporates.  This helps us stay focused on quality Research !!

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