News including Equitas IPO Listing

Dear Investor,

Today the Equitas Holdings IPO listed on the stock exchanges. The share had earlier had an excellent IPO application count of 17 times over subscribed. The listing price was Rs 110, at the top end of a small price range of 109-110.

If you missed our report, click link – Equitas IPO – Leader in SF Banks

We were happy to see that our BUY recommended IPO did well on its first day !! Today the Equitas share peaked out today at Rs 147, a 34% gain on the listing price !! After this initial peak, it settled lower, and finally closed today at a good 23% gain.

The IPO season thus is certainly gaining momentum, and we can look forward to a number of fresh issues. Some good, and some bad too. Expect JainMatrix Investments to continue to give thorough, independent and opinionated reports that help investors !!

On another note, we published an Infrastructure equity research report today. This firm has good potential. However the report is restricted to subscribers only.

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