Bajaj Finance – August 2015

JainMatrix Investments has just published a report on Bajaj Finance. We’ve been tracking this stock since many years. See some of our older reports –

This share has provided 11X returns to shareholders over 5 years, to become one of the best wealth generator mid caps today. We saw this early, and analysed and reported on this. We set bold and aggressive targets in our reports that many readers found incredible. And what happened? The share actually outperformed even our targets !!


So why do you need this report from JainMatrix Investments? Because once again we are bold, aggressive and seeing things early. And high quality research pays for itself many times over.

This report is restricted to subscribers, so visit the Payments Page, become a subscriber to the Investment Service and claim your copy of this report.


Punit Jain  Founder, JainMatrix Investments

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