A Recent Conversation with a Subscriber

I was speaking last week to a Subscriber of our Investment Service.  The conversation went like this:

  • Me: Mr ABC, how are you?
  • ABC: Fine, Punit
  • Me: Great. Mr ABC, its been one year since you signed up for our service. How has been your experience?
  • ABC: Good, good. I would like to find out about company DEF and company GHI from your Model Portfolios.
  • Me: Sure, I will give you an update about company DEF  …..(discussion)….  and company GHI …(discussion)………
  • Me: I can also see that your portfolio is doing quite well, it is up 28% overall in the last year. Congrats.
  • ABC: Yes it has done well. In fact I must tell you,  it is the first time in my investment experience that a company recommended to me, that I bought, has appreciated 100% within the last year. I refer to the company LMN. Good job.
  • Me: Thank you sir. Yes LMN has done well.
  • ABC: What do you think about LMN now?
  • Me: It is still a BUY even at these levels, the 2 year outlook from here is very good. It will continue to appreciate. Don’t worry that it has risen too much.
  • ABC: I am really happy with the service.
  • Me: Ok ………. let me see your portfolio …… But sir, you can see stock PQR, it is not doing so well. It is down 25% from your purchase price.
  • ABC: No, no. I am not worried about PQR. In fact I have recently bought more of PQR at these lower levels, it is still to be updated in the portfolio.
  • Me: OK. What about stock STU. This is down 19% in your portfolio from your buying price.
  • ABC: No, no problem, it will come back. In fact I expected at least 3-4 of your recommended portfolio to tank and fall sharply, as normally happens with most equity portfolios but happy to note no such problem here.
  • Me: Excellent sir. So why don’t you renew the subscription for another year?
  • ABC: Sure, I am renewing and you will get the fees by tomorrow.
  • Me: Thank you.

Its nice to have such happy conversations ……. :-)

Punit Jain