Balkrishna Industries – Nov 2014


Dear Investor,

I’m quite proud of my Sept 2013 report on Balkrishna Industries. (link) We found this interesting Small Cap stock early. The share price was Rs 238. It had all the ingredients we look for in our investment research.

Small cap. Undervalued. Unknown. In the right sector. Good management.

We made this report public on this very website.

On 12 Nov 2014, this share touched Rs 855.

And we were staring at a 259% gain in a mere 14 months.


As usual, Mr Market threw in a googly.

On 13 Nov, Balkrishna came out with its Q2FY15 results. Next day, the share plunged by 16%. One day later it dropped further. A total of 29% wiped out in 2 days.

Investors are nervous about this firm. Perhaps even panicking. Naturally. Who likes to lose 30% of one’s investment in 3 days? So should one exit quickly? Or buy more of Balkrishna? Or just do nothing?

Subscribers of JainMatrix Investments aren’t worried. They’ve just got our follow up report on Balkrishna Industries. They know what to do.


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Punit Jain

Founder, JainMatrix Investments

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