Superior equity research and portfolio management is essential to the greatest investors, the best mutual funds and finest wealth managers. And you will find it here at JainMatrix Investments. 

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There are three reasons why you need to subscribe for Premium Investment Services from JainMatrix Investments:

  1. Outstanding track record: In a short period of over 2 years our recommended shares have outperformed all comparable indices and most Mutual Funds. See Track Record.
  2. We’re independent and focused on great research: Our advisory business model allows us to concentrate on finding and tracking good companies. And supporting Investors through their journey with good ideas, minimum transactions and asset building.
  3. Gain control of your equity portfolio: With our approach and recommended process, it is easy to implement a professional portfolio. So you both gain control and get great returns on your equity purchases.

Available services: 

The Investment Service subscription (click link)

Get all the knowledge and experience of the analysts packaged in a simple one year subscription, which includes the Model Buy Portfolios. Take their help to decide how to invest. Then Invest regularly within just 10 minutes every month. Its really easy.

The Portfolio Review Service (click link)

Take a re-look at your direct equity portfolio. Get the expert opinion on the fundamentals of these stocks. Based on the report, exit the weak stocks, hold on to the good shares, and Buy the excellent ones. Strengthen your equity portfolio. It’s a customized service, so see additional details of the process and ask for a quote for your portfolio review. 


JainMatrix Investments provides premium Investment Advisory Services for Indian equity. It’s independent, honest and direct. And sharply focused on Investor Returns for the long term. It provides Outperformance as a service for the equity investor.

Some of our quality reports:


  • Read and search for past reports by JainMatrix Investments on the right panel. We keep valuable reports private for subscribers but publish some of them on this website after a few months.
  • Visit, like and follow us on  FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Our reports are published on platforms such as IndiaNotes, Indiamanthan, MyIris and StockMusings.
  • JainMatrix recommends Bangalore Investors Club! BIC offers courses & activities on Wealth Creation for Serious & Committed folks. Visit BIC to know more.





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