Investor Rewards Fortnight July2014


Dear Investors,

JainMatrix Investments has been created to build the Equity culture, to create high quality investment reports and help investors in their decision process.

In the past 2 years, we have gone commercial, and have restricted some of the valuable reports to paid subscribers.

However, on popular demand, in a special promotion, we are now publishing and revealing all these older reports, so that all visitors can understand better these companies and take their investment decisions.

  • Needless to say, many of my picks over the last 2 years have done very well. See Track Record.
  • Another important point – even though the report may be old, many of the fundamentals captured are relevant even today. The share price may certainly have changed, but the rest of the report should be quite useful.

The reports that I have published this fortnight are:

  1. KEC International – A Power Utilization Play. See updated report on LINK 
  2. Bajaj Finance – a Firm you can Bank on – REPORT 
  3. Titan Industries – The Jewel in the Crown – read LINK 
  4. Adani Port and SEZ – An Indian Port Dominator
  5. Larsen & Toubro – L&T: At the Business Crossroads 
  6. Just Dial Ltd – A Googol Possibilities 
  7. Mahindra Holidays: Take this break !!

Watch this space over the next fortnight for more valuable reports, in public for the first time.

Happy Investing

Punit Jain, JainMatrix Investments


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