Just Dial Ltd – A Googol Possibilities

Dear Investors,
as part of Investor Rewards Fortnight, JainMatrix Investments is proud to present its 5th Reward Report, Just Dial – A Googol Possibilities. The entire report is published here, for the first time in public, for your benefit.
Readers may note that the share has appreciated by 23% since my Buy call 8 months ago.
Happy Investing,
Punit Jain

JainMatrix Investments


  • Report Date: 18-Dec-2013 
  • CMP: Rs 1215
  • Mid Cap – Mkt Cap 8200 crores
  • Advice:  Medium Risk, High Gain stock. BUY.

JainMatrix Investments presents investors the complete report on Just Dial Ltd. as part of the Investor Rewards Fortnight. 

Here is a note on Just Dial Ltd. (JDL).

Business Profile

  • JDL is a firm with a 16 year legacy in Indian business listings. It started with phone based queries and Yellow pages, and now extends to internet, mobile apps, voice and text (sms) based search.
  • This Bombay based firm had FY2013 financials of Revenue 363 cr., EBIDTA 101 cr. and Profits 68 cr. The number of employees is currently 8,200 up 32% from FY12.
  • JDL generated 36.4 crore search requests in FY13. It currently has a database of 101 lakh business listings and has executed 2.4 lakh Paid Campaigns. Usage of JDL has increased by an average of 43% year…

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