KEC International

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Here is an interesting news item today, that can affect this firm that I am tracking, KEC International.
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Punit Jain
JainMatrix Investments

JainMatrix Investments

  • Date: March 11, 2013
  • CMP: Rs 55.0
  • Small Cap: Market Cap 1394 crores

KEC International is a Power transmission EPC firm with operations in 48 countries. The synergistic diversifications into Power Systems, Telecom, Water and Railways are stabilizing. The Order Book has grown by 10.3% in a challenging FY13 year. But the Indian Power sector continues to see financial stress and uncertainty. So is KEC International a good investment at these levels?

High_voltage_transmission_towers_and_lines High Voltage Transmission Towers and Lines

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This is the 2013 update of the report called KEC International is a Modern Powerhouse, published in Feb 2012. Available on LINK.

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