Outlook for Diwali 2013


Oct 8, 2013

Dear Reader,

In 26 days from today, we usher in Diwali 2013. Usually it is analysts who get asked the question on the outlook. Instead, I would ask you the reader to answer this, in terms of a poll.

I am trying to sense the mood, and this will be a useful exercise for us all.

To recap, right now, the indices are at – Sensex – 19,998 and Nifty 5,931. The 5.5 year old Jan 2008 all time highs were – Sensex 21,200 (6% away) and Nifty 6,357 (7% away). For more details, see the MC links of Sensex and Nifty.

Here’s the Diwali Outlook Poll


  • You can take this Poll only once
  • Please answer with only one option, including ‘Other’.
  • Feel free to add your comments to this Page.

You can see the results of the Poll so far right away.


Punit Jain

English: Diwali lamps

English: Diwali lamps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One thought on “Outlook for Diwali 2013


    I am positive on the outlook for 2013 despite the turmoil in the political front. India has the following advantages.
    1) A large number of its population is young – less than 30.
    2) A large population also creates a great demand for products
    3) The economy temporarily dips but bounces back quickly. This is evident
    from the index currently at the stock markets.
    4) A lot of start ups are also happening in India,currently.


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