Promotion runs from 4th – 19th July 2015

Dear Investor,                                                                                     Date: 4th July

The Indian stock market is doing well this year. Sure there is some volatility, but that is only to be expected. Year on Year, the Sensex is up about 9%. This year, the JainMatrix Large Cap Retirement Portfolio is up 16.8%. And our Multi-bagger Mid and Small Cap Portfolio has performed even better than this.
With some correction at the Index level recently, we feel that this is a good time for you to invest in the stock market.
We also have an exciting offer for you from JainMatrix Investments.

Sign-up for the Investment Service, or the Portfolio Review Service (or both) in the period from 4th – 19th July and get four recent private equity reports for FREE.

Here are the services:

  • The INVESTMENT SERVICE: The one year subscription provides you a recommended list of shares to buy, a process for how to buy, and alerts for when to sell. This makes equity investing safe, simple and rewarding. And all this costs Rs 11,999 per year (Individual). If you need a new Trading/ Demat account, we will be happy to introduce you to our partner (Adroit Financial Services).

IS image

See our Track Record
For more details, see LINK

  • The PORTFOLIO REVIEW  SERVICE: Strengthen your equity portfolio. Take a re-look at your current stock holding. Get the expert opinion on their fundamentals.  The PRS is available for Rs 10,000/- for 7 shares from your portfolio. (Individual)
PRS image
For more details, see LINK
The core of a good Mutual Fund or Portfolio Management Service is good Equity Research. Over the last 3 years, JainMatrix Investments has created superior, bold Equity Research reports. We take pride in them, and our focus is to help investors save their time and effort by organising all relevant data, information and our expert opinion into a report that investors make better and safer “equity investment” decisions.
See our Track Record
Take your leap into equity with JainMatrix Investments to help you manage risks and experience outstanding results.So why wait and regret later ……

Terms and Conditions:

Investment Service

  • Subscription charges must be received by JainMatrix before 6 pm of 19th July.
  • Payment instructions 
  • The subscription starts only after a short personal introduction call with JainMatrix Investments.

Portfolio Review Service

  • For this service, please share your Personal Demat account statement with us at admin@jainmatrix.com, along with your contact number.
  • The Personal Demat account statement must be received by JainMatrix before 6 pm of 19th July.
  • We will call you back for a short personal introduction call. The Portfolio Review will be scheduled at the time of this introduction call.
  • The payment for the PRS should be made before 31st July.

See Disclaimers 

We are happy to serve you.
Punit Jain
JainMatrix Investments


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