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Dec 13, 2014

JainMatrix Investments organised a Meetup in Bangalore on 13th December 2014 entitled – “Financial Education and Wealth Creation – an open discussion.” The event focused on offering insights that helped in managing finances in today’s tough economy, and creating, building and sustaining wealth.

Event snap

During the event a presentation on the equity opportunity, current trends in the economy and a snapshot of the equity service by JainMatrix Investments were made by Mr. Punit Jain, the founder of JainMatrix Investments.

Various other topics like Wealth, Income, Finance, and Mobile based Education modules were also discussed by Mr. Mohan Krishna Rao in the event.

The event was well attended and there was a rich interaction and lively discussions on Finance, Wealth, Stock Markets, Inflation, etc.

See this link with photos of the event.                             LINK

If you want to be a part of these Meetups, future events, announcements and perhaps even live online interactions, feel free to write to us!! You are most welcome and we will be delighted to have your presence.


Punit Jain

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Weekend Musings – Startup City, Bangalore

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This weekend I visited a conference in Bangalore called Startup City. This is apparently an annual phenomenon, and I was frankly surprised at the energy, the excitement and the talent on display here.

The stalls were dominated by software product & service companies, plus Ecommerce, hardware, networking and devices firms, but there were also a good spattering of services cos catering to advertising, jobs, accounting, automobile, transportation etc.

In addition to the stalls where one could understand each one’s offerings, there were:

  • A keynote by Ashok Soota on beginning an entrepreneurial journeys
  • Structured ‘knowledge’ sessions with established firms sharing trends and ideas
  • Presentations by start-ups in a hall where they spoke in 5-7 minute sessions, and
  • Meet the Venture Capitalist sessions where the VCs and start-ups had one on one sessions for funding.

The VCs were all over the place evaluating ideas and looking for the next ‘big idea’ to fund.

One came away from this conference blown away by the dynamism and energy of the participants. May a thousand flowers bloom ……
More details about this conference can be seen at:


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