Monte Carlo IPO – Visit here for the Short Term


  • Price range: Rs 630-645
  • Date Dec 4th 2014 and IPO Period:  03-05 Dec
  • Industry – Textile and Apparel
  • Small Cap with 1370 cr. mkt cap
  • Advice: Buy for the short term



Monte Carlo Fashions is a player in woolens, apparel and home furnishings. The financial data available indicates good margins but uneven growth. The IPO valuations look reasonable compared to peers. The brand is strong. Growth plans include a thrust in South and West markets. Negatives and risks include only 3 year financial history available due to recent demerger, significant related party transactions in the supply chain, negative Free Cash flow over the last 3 years and weak Promoter group track record in terms of rewarding shareholders. BUY but with a short term perspective. 

Here is a note on Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd (MCF) IPO.

Monte Carlo Fashions – Description and Profile

  • Monte Carlo Fashions (MCF) is an apparel firm based out of Ludhiana, Punjab.
  • The FY14 revenues were Rs 519 crores and profits 55 cr.
  • It commands under 1% market share in Indian apparel, but has a strong and premium brand, ‘Monte Carlo’ established over 30 years. We can see the product segments in Fig 1a.
Monte Carlo Fashions IPO, JainMatrix Investments

Fig 1 – Product Segments and Shareholding Pattern

  •  Product distribution is through 196 ‘Monte Carlo Exclusive Brand Outlets’ and 1300 Multi Brand Outlets (MBO). Of these 196, 18 are owned and operated by MCF, and the rest run by franchisees.
  • The shareholding pattern post IPO is displayed in Fig 1b.

IPO Offering Outline and Valuations:

  • The offer is of 54.33 lakh shares in price range Rs 630-645 available from Dec 03-05.
  • This 25% dilution will raise Rs 350 cr. at upper end, and value the firm at 1400 cr market cap.
  • The offering is at a PE range of 24.8-25.3 times FY14 earnings. This compares favourably with:

Fig 2 – PE range of Peers

MCF – Financial snapshot

  • Only 3 years data is available as MCF was demerged from group firm Oswal Woollen Mills Ltd. on 1st April 2011.
  • FY 2013 was a flattish year for MCF, followed by a good year of FY14. See Fig 3.
Monte Carlo IPO, JainMatrix Investments

Fig 3 – Monte Carlo Fashions Financials

  • The leadership team is Jawahar Lal Oswal, CMD and Sandeep Jain, ED.

Cash Flow

  • The Free Cash flow has not been positive for MCF in the last 3 years.
Monte Carlo IPO, JainMatrix Investments

Fig 4 – Free Cash Flow

Why Is Monte Carlo Fashions going for an IPO?

The objects of the IPO are:

  • Partial exit of Samara Capita, a Mauritius based Private Equity firm, that will reduce shareholding from 18.5% to 10.9%
  • Reduction in Promoter holding from 81% to 63.6% that will comply with SEBI rules for Promoter holding below 75%.
  • Visibility and marketing for the Monte Carlo brand and firm.


  • The Indian Textiles Industry accounts for 4% of GDP, 14% of industrial production; it directly employs 3.5 cr. people (highest after agriculture) and accounts for 17% of all exports.
  • The size of the domestic readymade apparel industry is expected to double within 5 years due to prosperity, better government policy, fashion and brand trends and consumer expectations.
  • Government Policy Support: The Indian government supports the textile industry by investment promoting schemes like TUFS (Technological Upgradation Fund Scheme) and SITP (Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks).
  • MCF too has availed the low interest TUFS loans for its funding needs.

Key Strengths of MCF and IPO offer

  • Strong Monte Carlo brand. MCF was spun off from the older firm, Oswal Woollen Mills. Brand strengths in woolens and warm clothing, and a higher end / premium positioning.
  • Strong presence in North and Eastern parts of India.
  • It rides the key investment theme of “consumption” that is reflected in high valuations for firms from apparel, food and FMCG sectors.
  • MCF has already raised Rs 105 cr. through issue of shares to anchor investors – Aditya Birla Private Equity Trust, DB International (Asia) and Birla Sunlife Trustee Company Pvt Ltd.
  • There is cash on the books of MCF and even the current loans taken are concessional/ low interest govt TUFS loans.
  • It has an asset-light model by outsourcing the apparel production to third-party manufacturers.

Key Weaknesses/ Issues/ Challenges of MCF and IPO offer

  • Weak presence in South and West regions of India. Here MCF plans to widen distribution and push the non-woolen product range like cotton and blended apparel, kids wear and home furnishings.
  • Negative Free Cash flow over the last 3 years. It is investing in its operations.
  • There is only a short financial history of MCF, not enough is known of this company.
  • This business group has not established a track record for rewarding shareholders. Group companies Nahar Spinning and Punjab Woolcoombers (listed in 2007) are today trading below their IPO prices while one, Nahar Capital (listed in 2008), has barely made it to the IPO price level. Another, Nahar International (earlier known as Punjab Concast) is no longer traded on the bourse.
  • High proportion of related party transactions. Complex web of group companies are part of MCF’s supply chain in terms of raw materials, apparel manufacturing, etc. This is seen as a financial uncertainty in terms of related party transactions and potentially notional / temporary profits.

Opinion, Outlook and Recommendation

  • The organisation is rated average in terms of overall offering.
  • The IPO was subscribed 61% of its entire offering till EOD 3rd Dec. This included Institutions 74% and Retail 79%. This is a good sign, and the firm may be able to ride the very positive current investor sentiments and elevated index levels to generate interest.
  • Retail investors may apply for the MCF IPO but should not hold for the long term.

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