What are your preferences? – A Poll

Dear Reader,

I’d like to check with you on a few aspects.

  • Report size

My typical Equity Research report is a 7 page pdf with 8-10 charts, graphs and tables. And lots of text. I write all this to communicate my understanding of the firm in question. But I’d like to ask you to tell me what size of report would you prefer.

  • Market Outlook

I’d like to know how you think the Indian Equity market is going to pan out over the next 12 months. This is just to gauge your mood in terms of the future. This will help me in my writings.


The Investment Advisory Service from JainMatrix Investments is still open for Subscriptions. For Offerings details, go to SUBSCRIBE on the website

I look forward to your valuable response.

Warm regards,
Punit Jain
JainMatrix Investments


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