Bangalore Investors Club (BIC) – Equity – Fundamental Analysis course


The next 2 day Fundamental Analysis course is scheduled for this weekend 12 & 13 Nov.

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Overview of Contents:

  • What is FA?
  • What are Ratios?
  • Why are Ratios a Challenge?
  • Difference between Value & Price.
  • What does Valuation Mean?
  • Valuation Ratios: EPS, PE, BV, P/B, P/S, …
  • Where to get data for FREE?
  • Adjusting & Interpreting data?
  • When is a stock cheap & should be bought?
  • When is a stock expensive & should be sold?
  • Types of Fundamental Investing:
  •      Growth Investing.
  •      Value Investing.
  •      Income Investing.
  •      Turnaround Investing.

Practical exercises to illustrate:

  • When & How to use FA appropriately.
  • Which valuation methods are useful for what types of companies.
  • In what types of market conditions is FA is relevant and when it is not.

Also find out where India’s markets will be 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 years from now.
Of course, that assuming a lot of things, but still, a lot of practical and undeniable things !!

Wishes n Riches,
Dr. Musa R. MD, CMT.


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