Bangalore Investors Club (BIC) – Equity – Next Step Course

Greetings …. A message from our partners, Bangalore Investors Club. 

The next Equity – Next Step  course will commence on Sat, 5 Nov.
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EqNS Overview: 

EqNS (Equity – Next Step) is our Flagship programme designed for those who:

  1. Want to make Investing and Trading the Financial Markets an important Income Wealth Generating activity,
  2. Aspire to generate at least several lacs to many crores out of Investing Trading,
  3. Want to take advantage of opportunities offered by Online Trading platforms,
  4. Recognise that there is a Science Art to Wealth Creation from the Markets which can be learned and
  5. Are willing to Invest the Time Effort it requires to gain this Body-of-Knowledge.

To bring together the various bits of knowledge into one seamless and integrated Body of Knowledge, the course is paced over 5 weekend which allows for the gradual assimilation of knowledge and most importantly the Gaining of Confidence from the deeper, more internalised understanding of the equity markets through various practicals.

EqNS course covers Theory, Concepts Practical aspects of Investing Trading in Equity – with a focus on the Indian environment. However, these concepts practices are applicable across all equity markets in the world and also across different market types:equity, commodities, forex and other markets.

EqNS now includes a 2nd part of Participant Presentations where participants will do studies / research of individual stocks / indices / events etc and do a presentation to the group. These sessions are designed to enhance the practical analytical skills of the participants and support them in gaining confidence.

Also …

Via the BIC – Investar India Partnership, all participants of EqNS will now have FREE use of the full featured, live data version of Investar India software. The Investar sw gives users ability to do some advanced technical analysis, track your portfolio, have real time alerts & scanners and some useful fundamental data. This will be available for FREE for TWO FULL MONTHS. So you can use it for a full month after the EqNS is over! You can use this for following up on the IMR – India Market Reviews and your own application of your learning!.

And … 

Finally, course attendees now get to participate in FOUR India Markets Review sessions after Part 1 of your EqNS course. 

To register and have any queries answered, please call on 93419 67573 or email

Dr. Musa R. MD, CMT.


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