So who do you trust for your equity investments?


Is it your broker?
Is it your mutual fund?
Is it your wealth manager?
Is it the highly visible XYZ analyst seen on TV?
Is it your own research or information you have received?
Or have you just left your portfolio untouched and hope that it appreciates?

You are putting your life savings on the line here. 

I remember how I felt when I was about to book a flat for my family. Will this business team deliver? Will they be there with me tomorrow? Are they motivated to help me not just now but right through till the delivery? Are they creating a durable asset for me?

You need a high quality investment service to guide you though this complex market. 

JainMatrix Investments is a premium Investment Service for Indian equity.

We say YES for the above four questions.
In the last two years we have a fine record of high quality equity research and timely calls.
Grow your portfolio over the long term with help from JainMatrix.

Stay in control.

Pay a fixed Subscription, and get quality investment inputs for protection and unrestricted growth of your personal equity portfolio. 

  1. JainMatrix Investment Advisory Service is available for an annual Subscription. Click link for details. Subscription Details 
  2. Launching the JainMatrix Portfolio Review Service. We provide a customized assessment of your equity portfolio. For additional details check LINK


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