Indian IT Services Sector – Add a Digital Portfolio

Dear Investors,

Which Indian Industry is globally competitive today?

In which industry are Indian skills and most respected and admired globally?

The answer is – the Indian IT Services Sector. JainMatrix Investments identified it as also most likely to generate future wealth.
The world is discovering the charms of real time reports and distributed teams. Waves of technology, digital and the internet are invading and engulfing enterprises and personal users alike. The Indian IT Services sector is uniquely positioned to dominate the global services market. Just 3 software firms figure in a recent Biggest Indian Wealth Creators in the top 50 list. However with the sector firms gaining critical size, many more will be added in the next 10 years.

We have made a report, Indian IT Services Sector – Add a Digital Portfolio. Our report covers the following:

  • IT Services – the state in India and Country Share worldwide.
  • We dive deeper to understand Progress, News and Trends. What is the impact of Covid?
  • Why is the IT Services sector doing well in India? What’s the Future of the Indian IT Services Industry?
  • We Benchmark a selection of the firms on financial parameters, across Large cap and Mid cap players. We chart the FY20 revenues by domestic and exports.
  • We map the share price performance of these firms over several years.
  • All this helps to arrive at a small high quality portfolio of the Sector, for investors.

Offer #1

  • Buy the JainMatrix Investments annual subscription for a special offer @ ₹14,999 (normal rates ₹16,999)
  • Get the Indian IT Services Sector report free along with the Welcome Kit and high performing Model Portfolios. It includes a whole year of guidance on direct equity investing in Indian Markets.
  • This offer is valid only for January 2021 as a special pre-budget offer.
  • See details
  • To take this offer, go to, fill your correct details. In the Question box, ask for – Special pre-budget JainMatrix Subscription offer. Give us a day or two to contact you to start.

Offer #2

This report is free. To get this report, go to, fill your correct details. In the Question box, ask for – Report on the Indian IT Services Sector. Give us a day or two to send it to you by email.

Happy investing !!


Punit Jain – Founder, JainMatrix Investments

Disclaimer – While the report is free, we reserve our rights and may decline to share it in case our marketing objectives are not fulfilled.

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