Indian Automobile Sector – A Solid Portfolio

Dear investors,

We at JainMatrix Investments identified the Indian Auto sector as an industry worth focusing on.
Economic history tells us that first USA, then Japan, Germany, and now even South Korea, have this in common. A large Auto sector with excellent companies that became export powerhouses and helped raise their economy to the next level. It is already one of the biggest wealth creators of the Indian investment landscape. A recent Indian Wealth creators report had 5 auto firms in the top 25 list.

jainmatrix investments, auto sector report

Our report covers the following:

  • The auto sector sub-segments: Passenger cars, Two- Wheelers, Tractors and CVs. We map the Sector Market Shares of the players in the sub-segments.
  • We dive deeper into each to understand growth rates, demand drivers, exports and trends. Why is the Auto sector doing well in India?
  • We Benchmark a selection of the auto firms, on financial parameters, and note the news and updates in the industry and sub-segments.
  • We have a mapping of Relative share prices of these firms. What’s the Future of the Indian Auto Industry?
  • All this helps to arrive at a small portfolio of the Auto Sector, for investors.

This report is free. To get this report, go to, fill your correct details. In Question box, ask for – Report on the Indian Automobile Sector. Give us a day or two to send it to you by email.

Happy investing !!


Punit Jain – Founder, JainMatrix Investments

Disclaimer – While the report is free, we reserve our rights and may decline to share it in case our marketing objectives are not fulfilled.

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