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JainMatrix Investments provides investors with solid returns on the equity model portfolios. After the recent surge, the market is consolidating its gains. New primary offerings are expected. The Q2 results season and state elections are the important events to be tracked. 

13th Oct 2014

Dear Investor,
JainMatrix Investments is a premium Investment Service for Indian equity. It’s independent, honest and direct. And sharply focused on Investor Returns.
  • Performance Tracker


  • JainMatrix Investments announces a good performance of its research portfolio. The Top Ten stocks’ annualized returns came to 136.8%, compared to 158.8% on 8th Aug 2014. This is to be expected as the market is stabilizing after the sharp gains. We can see that this chart works like a good barometer of overall market performance.
  • These Top Ten are from a total portfolio of 48 stocks and 1 ETF, which have together appreciated at an annualized rate of 50.8% over an average period of 21 months.
  • The Large Cap Model Portfolio is pulling further ahead of the benchmarks. The annualized return was 26.2% for the 7 stocks, bettering the indices of Sensex 20.2% and Nifty 18.9% over 21 months.
  • The Mid & Small Cap Model Portfolio once again reveals its aggressive out-performance with an annualized return of 87.5% for the 7 stocks, better than indices of CNX Midcap 21.7%, BSE Midcap 22.4% and S&P BSE Smallcap 31.1% over 20 months.
  • We will introduce the Post Elections portfolio tracker from next month.
This is a time to be quite stock specific in our portfolios. The period of all stocks rising is over. The economic climate too is changing rapidly:
  • Crude Oil prices have fallen sharply following lowered economic growth (in BRICS including China, USA and Europe) and higher oil production. This is positive for Indian subsidies and PSU oil marketing firms. Conversely private oil producers are affected negatively. Petrol and diesel prices may fall locally soon.
  • Inflation appears to be easing off, particularly food, and the ball will now be in the RBI court to start lowering interest rates and focus on growth. This is positive news for the BFSI sector.
  • The USD has strengthened on news of the US monetary tightening and potential raising of their interest rates in 1 year. The INR looks likely to weaken to 62-63 levels but in a steady fashion.
Those who have been waiting on the sidelines, can now look to enter the market. It is definitely a wonderful time to be in the market, and also a great time to be a subscriber of JainMatrix Investments.
The next big events to be watched will be State elections in Maharashtra and Haryana, and FY15Q2 results. Diwali festival season too should provide some fireworks for us :-)
Sign up for the JainMatrix Investment Service to take the right decisions, whatever the event, in your investing journey. ..

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How is this performance calculated? 

We share with you the calculation process.

Report of 4th Dec 2013

Here is an older calculation table, done on 4th Dec 2013. It contains 8 Buys and 2 Sells. A Sell call based on fundamentals is very valuable, and investors may exit/ short trade based on this.
I share with you the entire data – the research on these companies, the share prices on the day of reporting and today. My top ten picks had an annualized returns of 73.2%, as on 4th Dec 2013. See for yourself.
Stock Call  Report  Date Price on Call Price on  4:12:13 Abs. % Price Change Days since Call Annual -ized Return Click for Report
1 Mindtree Buy 12:6:13 400 693 73 172 155 Mindtree
2 BHEL Buy 7:8:13 116 164.8 42 117 131 BHEL
3 Balkrishna Buy 6:9:13 238 282.3 19 88 77 Balkrishna
4 ArshiyaInt* Sell 15:1:13 56.9 16.75 -71 319 71 Arshiya
5 Bajaj Fin Buy 31:1:12 723 1460 102 664 56 BajajFin
6 RamkyInfr* Sell 26:6:12 90.3 42 -53 518 53 Ramky
7 TCS Buy 18:4:12 1091 2000 83 586 52 TCS
8 Motherson Buy 4:2:13 131 185 42 300 51 Motherson
9 Tata Motor Buy 1:6:12 225 393 75 543 50 Tata Mot
10 GodCon Buy 7:7:12 576 857 49 507 35 GCP
  • The average Annualized Return from above 10 stocks is 73.2%.
  • * – these are absolute returns on Sell calls.
  • Note that Mindtree and Motherson Sumi shares are adjusted for recent splits and bonus.
  • Also we only include firms in our portfolio 90 days after publishing the report, to avoid errors from short-term price movements.
Note that Equity investments are inherently risky. Take help from your ‘Financial Planner’ before allocating funds for the equity asset class.

Investment Approach 

  • We research stocks based on their fundamentals including financials, industry prospects, management, etc.
  • We cannot assume that these stocks above will give you similar returns in future. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Some volatile stocks have moved within months from the top to negative returns.
  • Much more important than past share price performance is the stability and quality of the businesses, their management, cash flows, etc. as these will reflect in the future share price.
  • These are captured in the JainMatrix Investments recommended portfolios such as the Large Cap Portfolio 2014the Mid Cap Portfolio 2014 and the Post Elections Investment Seven. These model portfolios align your investments and risk appetite to get appropriate gains.
  • The JainMatrix Investment Advisory Service is available for a subscription fee.

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  • JainMatrix Investment is an independent research firm, with business income only from customer subscriptions, not transactions, and with no links to corporates.  This helps us stay focused on quality Research !!


 I’m proud that JainMatrix Investment reports are trusted by readers. Here are some freely expressed testimonials from subscribers and readers on my website:

  1. I have been a subscriber to JainMatrix for about 1.5 years now, and found that the advice is very sound. The returns have been very consistent both in the mid-cap and the large cap segments, and have far exceeded indices. To me, the biggest influencing factor in trusting JainMatrix has been that the fee is not based on brokerage, commission, etc., and so I can rest assured that this is based on genuine market research – the results speak for the thoroughness and accuracy …… Srinivas Rao B.
  2. I was initially skeptical about the advisory services. But after 2 years of subscription I have found out that your services are good and the reports are exhaustive and very clear. I am more than happy with the services offered . Keep It going!!! ………..  Suresh L.
  3. Indeed I have come across a very informative and genuine investors friendly site after I have become quite ‘old’ in the stock market. Keep up the good work. My best wishes………CV Kumar
  4. You are doing a great job helping small retail investors like me. Your rational explanation provides all the more conviction to invest in the stocks recommended by you. I am very grateful to you for your guidance and appreciate the valuable service you are providing to the small investor community. Keep up the good work and may God bless you……………… Prash
  5. You are proving great analysis about the companies better than professional wealth management companies. …… Guru
  6. Your analysis is an eye opener for me. Wonderfully done. I appreciate your service. God bless you. ……..Antony Alfred
  7. Another thoughtful article. All the articles in JainMatrix helps the readers greatly to increase the knowledge of stocks on both fundamentals and technical perspective…… Amitayu Ghosh

JainMatrix Investment Advisory Service is available for an annual Subscription. 

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