SCI FPO analysis – closing review on 6th Dec

  • The FPO price fixed today is Rs 140 – high end of range
  • The Retail and HNI subscriptions piled up on the last day of FPO and surprised on the upside. Retail is 6.5 times over and HNI 3.7
  • Seeing the numbers retail investor can at max expect around 240 shares worth Rs. 31-33,000. Quite smaller allocation than our pre- FPO expectations
  • Retail over-subscription was more than HNI – this is a new trend.
  • Employee quota was very small and under subscribed, this may move to retail.
  • General market directions look positive, and I expect the price will rise slowly after FPO shares are allotted.
  • After this very successful FPO, SCI has promptly announced $3 billion worth of capital investments over the next 3 years. This will double the gross tonnage over next 7 years. Positive signs indeed !!

Also see Analysis of SCI FPO (click link)


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